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Using The Latest State Of  The Art Technology, We Quickly Find Any Problems And Fix Them Right The First Time Using Quality Parts.
We Do Love It When Your Vehicle Is Running At 100%.

Car Log Book Service

We can carry out all New Car Servicing & Log Book Servicing on all types of vehicles. We can do this without affecting your New Vehicle Factory Warranty.

Hybrid Car Servicing

We can carry out all New Car Servicing & Log Book Servicing on all types of vehicles. We can do this without affecting your New Vehicle Factory Warranty.

Transmission Service

Transmission repair is a major, time consuming, and most often, expensive automotive repair. Regularly scheduled maintenance service can help you avoid costly repairs especially when it comes to transmission repair.

Brake & Clutch Repair

Brake inspections are routinely carried out with all services & inspections to monitor brake wear & service scheduling before major damage is done.

Car Safety Certificates

Queensland Road Worthy Certificate Inspections are carried out to all regulatory requirements set out by the Queensland Transport Department, this ensures that when a Road Worthy Certificate is issued you can be assured that the vehicle is safe to drive.

Mechanical Repairs

All Mechanical Repairs are carried out under the RACQ Approved Repairs Code of Ethics. We at Northside Mechanical keep you the customer informed of what your vehicle needs to keep it reliable and safe to drive.


A car’s brake system needs to be inspected by a qualified mechanic at regular intervals to ensure there are no faults that may interfere with your safe driving habits.

Aircon & Diagnostics

Vehicle air conditioning is an absolute necessity in the Australian climate. Northside Mechanical are licensed Automotive Air-conditioning Specialists with over 15 years experience.


Is your vehicle’s air conditioner not as cold as it used to be?
Here at Brisbane Automotive Service we are licensed to carry out air conditioning services, this includes re-gas and repairs.


We will inspect your car for free to determine any repairs that need to be done. We will not undertake any work without first explaining the work required and then provide you with a quote to complete the work.


A free and individually tailored service, providing the most efficient program for running your vehicle.


We do Safety Certificates & Certificate of Inspections – We are approved for both certificates.


Our Client Reviews

Mechanics are not a trusted category generally speaking. However this business has surprised me how much they care about their customers. Thumbs up for Northside Mechanical and his team. Will come back regularly and also bring my mother in law's car

    Devin Mueller
    Devin Mueller

    Northside Mechanical was very kind and easy to work with - My car was being checked over for a buyer and he came and picked the car up & dropped it back with dealer plate as it had no ego and I will personally go back to him due to the service he supplies and what sounds like a great team.

      Dave Beech
      Dave Beech

      Came in for simple safety certificate. Cheaper than average. Very professional from reception to hand over. No problems with the dash cam being left on. It was nice to have a mechanic who respected a performance vehicle and not thrash it on the road.

        Xavier Mcfarla
        Xavier Mcfarla

        “I called to get a flat tire patched late in the afternoon, within a few hours and I was good to go before the end of the day. You pay a little bit of a premium for the convenience, but the work was done quickly and professionally. Would definitely call them again in the future.”

          Ailish Whittle
          Ailish Whittle

          Tire Services

          Get All Your Car Needs In Our Store

          We’ll deliver your tyres to one of our fitment locations or your preferred address FAST & FREE+

          Premium Packages

          Car Tires

          Get the best deal on tyres now and pay later

          Basic Packages

          Tire Disk

          Get your car back feeling like new at participating fitment centres.

          If You Need Help, Get A Consultation

          High Technology

          Get All Your Car Needs In Our Store

          Instead of immediately recommending a new tire for even the smallest hole, we first work to see if a repair can be done. We offer patches, plugs and replacement if no other options will work. Whether a nail put a hole in your plans for the day or you find yourself with a mysterious flat tire, we can examine the affected tire and make quick repairs to get you on the road as quickly as possible. In the event that your tire was punctured in a non-repairable area, we can also recommend a new tire and get it on your car in no time.

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